Camas Ridge Loves Food Not Waste

On Monday, Camas Ridge Community School will officially begin the “Love Food Not Waste” composting program to reduce the amount of compostable organic waste that sent to the landfill and educate students about the value of resource conservation and composting.

Students, teachers, and staff will be able to separate meat, bones, fish, dairy, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, food-soiled paper, school garden debris, waxed cardboard, and plant trimmings from garbage service by placing them in food waste collection containers picked up weekly by their garbage hauler.

Rexius will take in these recyclable materials and compost them through a rigorous thermophilic composting cycle to produce lush compost that will be delivered to apply in their school garden and sold in bags to gardeners throughout the community.

The school has obtained full grant funding for the program this year and expect the program to pay for itself over time by minimizing the amount of waste generated the community.

For more details about this innovative program, visit

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