Electronics Spring Cleaning Competition!

Planning a spring cleaning in your home or office? Save aside your old electronic components and appliances for a community-wide recycling contest to help divert electronic devices from our landfill and keep reusable electronics available to our community.

Drop off your electronics at NextStep at 2101 W 10th Ave, M-Sat, 8:30-5pm during the month of April and ask your donation to be credited to the school of your choice. Anything with a cord can go: toys, cell phones, monitors, computer and phone cables, laptops, keyboards, mice, hair dryers, blenders, coffee makers, palm pilots, toasters and even broken strings of light are appreciated. NextStep will refurbish everything they can and recycle what can not be repaired.

The school who collects the most pounds of recycled electronics will win!*

* Schools are invited to host a collection bin on-site between 4/13-4/20 to increase their chances of winning. Collection bin requests must be received before Monday, April 6. Entry required to win.

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